Meet the Team

Meet the Team
Robert Gharibzadeh

Robert Gharibzadeh

German Certified Pferdewirtschaftsmeister *
Equine Canada Level 3 Coach

* German Certified Pferdewirtschaftsmeister: The highest certification attainable as a German equine professional for training both horse and rider.

To attain the title of Pferdewirtschaftsmeister, one must already hold a Bereiter's license and must study many years under the tutelage of an accomplished master. The testing for the certification alone takes twelve weeks to complete. Requirements are in-depth knowledge of, not only riding and training both in Jumping and Dressage at the upper levels, but also one's ability to teach correctly; work in hand; stable management; veterinary practices; farrier work; arena footing; saddle fitting; as well as many more intricate subjects.

Robert has 27 years of experience working with horses. He began his Dressage career with Antonius Holland followed by Wolfgang Winkelhuis, a Grand Prix trainer who was in charge of the Junior/Young Rider program in Rheinland for 25 years. From there, Robert began working with George Theodorescu and Herbert Rehbein, with whom Kyra Kyrklund also trained. Robert also had the opportunity to train with Holger Schmezer who is the team coach for the German dressage team. The trainers with whom Mr. Schmezer studied Jumping include Karsten Huck who won the bronze medal at the Seoul Olympics and Gilbert Bockmann who has won the German Championships on numerous occasions and is rated one of the most talented and sought-after Jumping trainers and coaches in Europe. He is also the team coach for Australia.

Robert and Davidos

Robert has also been a judge for 16 years in both Dressage and Jumping, holding qualifications for the Bundeschampionat (Young Horse German Championships).

Taking a hiatus from competing for the last 5 years was seen to be necessary to focus more on coaching and judging, but preparations are underway for Robert to return to the show ring.

In the past 10 years, Robert's students have presented regularly at the German Championships for ponies, junior and young riders in Dressage, Jumping and Eventing. In 2005, Malte Ehrichs, who studied with Robert (for seven years), won the Northern Germany Championships in Dressage. Robert also has enjoyed training children for Oldenburger Bezirksveband and he has many FEI riders in Germany, the United States and Canada currently under his tutelage. Although qualified to teach the upper levels, Robert enjoys teaching all levels to both amateurs and professionals alike. This is what makes a true teacher.

Robert Gharibzadeh

"The German Training Scale is always with me and it works. I learned from Mr. Theodorescu to listen to all the muscles and bones to bring the right strength to the right places. In order to be great athletes they need strength to perform as we expect. It is our job as their stewards to help develop this, and with this comes health and well being. Only happy horses can give you everything you ask for. On top of this, it is crucial to ensure they have proper fitting shoes and tack."

"The most important thing I wish for my students to learn from me is patience and understanding of their horses. To create harmony."

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Verena Gharibzadeh

Verena Gharibzadeh

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